Where does Google+ fit in?

I’ve been checking out Google Plus for a few days and can’t figure out quite where it fits in.

I currently use:

  • Facebook: “real world” friends, info & updates
  • Twitter: predominantly work/industry related
  • Blog: (shamefully few) longer thought pieces, mainly work/industry related

I don’t see Google Plus taking the Facebook share. Facebook is the only one to have been taken on by the mainstream, and I can’t see people like my parents making the move to G+ for no particular reason. Also, most of the sharing on G+ that I’ve found is less personal.

Soooo … if I put it in the industry/work section I’ll then have Twitter, Blog and Google Plus to update. Perhaps G+ is a good place to have discussions about your blog posts.

So … I’ll write a blog post, share it on Google Plus and then tweet the G+ link. Easy!

Any other thoughts on use cases? And whether I should set on referring to it as Google Plus, Google+ or G+.

EDIT: you can comment on this post, on Google Plus or reply to the tweet