SEO meta data quick reference

I keep having to dig this info out, so I’m putting it here for posterity. This is to help us web devs, and web designers, »

Lipservice - a lorem ipsum generator for Windows

A fantastic little app for saving time when developing or designing websites – or indeed anything that requires dummy text flowing in to complete a layout – Lipservice »

Social graphing, privacy & security on the web

I’ve had a half-written draft version of this post for about 6 weeks, in which time the landscape has shifted massively. For instance Facebook have »

Thoughts on HTML5, Apple and Adobe

Following the handbag-waving of Apple & Adobe I was asked by our IT guy - mainly Apple-based -whether, from an agency perspective, we were considering ditching »

How ready are we for CSS3?

Following up on my “How ready are we for HTML5?” post I thought I’d complement it with this look at CSS3 supports levels in current »