Where does Google+ fit in?

I’ve been checking out Google Plus for a few days and can’t figure out quite where it fits in. I currently use: Facebook: “real »

Twitter pushing clients out of the market

I don’t often have occasion to read the Twitter API Terms of Service but this tweet from Jason Calacanis prompted me to take a look. »

Social graphing, privacy & security on the web

I’ve had a half-written draft version of this post for about 6 weeks, in which time the landscape has shifted massively. For instance Facebook have »

Saving time using Twitter favourites on the move

OK, I’ll start off by saying this only saves time if you use Twitter quite a bit, and us it as a source of information. »

Formula One teams engaging fans online

The 2010 Formula One season kicked off at the weekend, and the online engagement from a couple of the teams has caught my eye. I’ll »