Where does Google+ fit in?

I’ve been checking out Google Plus for a few days and can’t figure out quite where it fits in. I currently use: Facebook: “real »

Google+ and what Google can learn from Apple

Don’t sideline your brand evangelists! One of the greatest assets in Apple’s marketing system is their brand evangelists. These are the people who love »

Decline of email "push" marketing

I’ll admit that this is a post written semi in hope. I can’t remember the last time I received a marketing email that I »

Social graphing, privacy & security on the web

I’ve had a half-written draft version of this post for about 6 weeks, in which time the landscape has shifted massively. For instance Facebook have »

Why dumping IE6 support from social sites doesn't matter

So, Facebook ditch support for IE6, Amazon start phasing it out, YouTube ends support? This isn’t really going to have much of an impact on »