Book: Getting MEAN

I’m very happy to announce that my second book is now available through the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). The book is called Getting MEAN »

Book: Mongoose for Application Development

I’m very happy to announce that my book “Mongoose for Application Development” has been released! The book was commissioned by Packt Publishing, and was released »

Mongoose Connection best practice

There is often quite a lot of confusion about how best to set up a database connection with Mongoose. So I thought I’d clear it »

Node.js, Express and Mongoose

Previously we have used Node.js with Mongoose, and Express with hard coded data. Now it is time to bring it all together using Node.js, »

Introducing the Express.js framework for node.js

Up to this point in the Knowing Node series we have used node.js to create a server, built a rudimentary MVC framework, and served a »