Saving time using Twitter favourites on the move

OK, I’ll start off by saying this only saves time if you use Twitter quite a bit, and us it as a source of information. if you don’t use Twitter then you’re not going to save time user Twitter favourites.

Using Twitter through the web interface and Tweetdeck I never really bothered with favouriting tweets. I never saw the need. 99% of useful tweets were links to a website or blog article, which if I wanted to keep I’d bookmark on Delicious.

Having installed the Seesmic app for Android I have discovered just how useful Twitter favourites can be.

I get on the train in the morning, open up Seesmic and it floods with new tweets. I have less than ten minutes to go through them. Skimming through them I might notice half a dozen that I want to investigate further.

Rather than mess around visiting the links on the move, cursing the connection speed a quick click on the star icon and the tweet is added to my favourites. Then, when I’m next at a desk I can fire up Tweetdeck and in come all the links I’ve filtered out that I wanted to look at. I find it much quicker to skim or read a page in a nice big browser window, and I will then either bookmark it on Delicious, comment on it, retweet it or deal with in other ways.

So I’m making use of what was previously dead time to be more productive later on. Double win!