Knowing Node source code files on GitHub

All of the source files for my Knowing Node series of tutorials on Node.js are now available on GitHub. You get can get them here: »

Mongoose and Node.js tutorial

The aim of this tutorial is to take away some of the hassle when using MongoDB with Node.js. Last time out we used the Node. »

Node.js fundamentals: how to upgrade the Node.js version

Node.js is being actively developed, and the latest stable version frequently changes. From time to time you will find a module that doesn’t work »

How to get data from MongoDB into Node.js

So you’ve got a Node.js website, and created a MongoDB database - the big question – how do you connect the two? When we installed »

How to create a MongoDB database

So we’ve got a Node.js website ready and waiting for some database data. We’ve also got MongoDB installed. So let’s create a »