How ready are we for CSS3?

Following up on my “How ready are we for HTML5?” post I thought I’d complement it with this look at CSS3 supports levels in current browsers.

The site I’ve used for this is which, as a caveat, only checks for selectors.

Anyway, here are the current results on Windows 7, out of 578:

Chrome 4.1: 578
Safari 4.0.4: 578
Opera 10.51: 578
Firefox 3.5.9: 578
IE9 beta: 578
IE8: 349
IE7: 330
IE6: 276

[IE9 beta using the IE Test Drive, and IE6/7 using IE Tester]

As we can see there’s pretty ubiquitous support across the modern browsers, gradually getting worse the further back in IE history we go. Dwelling on this is a bit unfair to IE as I’m not looking into the history of the other browsers, but sadly it is relevant due to the market share.

Taking the HTML5 and CSS3 compliance together just fuels my suspicion that IE8 will be the new IE6. Until IE either loses their massive market share or IE9 becomes the favoured version we can’t rely on HTML5 and CSS3 for our sites.