Book: Getting MEAN

I’m very happy to announce that my second book is now available through the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP).

Getting MEAN coverThe book is called Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular and Node. Getting MEAN goes step-by-step through the journey of building a web application on the MEAN stack, covering each of the four core technologies and more.

I’m personally really excited by the MEAN stack. End-to-end development using only JavaScript is a tantalising prospect made very real by this stack. Each part of the stack is exceptional in what it does, and the way they all work together is mind blowing.

I find the stack to be great for rapid prototyping, taking an idea and turning it into reality. Approached in the right way you can build up an application step by step, adding the right technology layers at the right time.

What’s inside?

Here’s some blurb about what’s inside

  • Become a full stack web developer using JavaScript end to end
  • Responsive web techniques to deploy on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Application design for single page web apps and multi-page sites
  • Everything you need to get started with Node.js, Express, MongoDB and Angular (MEAN)
  • Best practices to structure your code for efficiency and reusability

This book includes a quick JavaScript recap, but some web development experience is helpful. It’s especially useful for front-end developers who want to learn more about the server-side of a web application.

Getting MEAN table of contents

And here’s the table of contents.

Part 1: Setting the baseline

1 Introducing full stack development
2 Reintroducing JavaScript

Part 2: Building a Node web application

3 Creating and setting up a MEAN project
4 Developing a static site with Node.js and Express
5 Building a data model with MongoDB and Mongoose
6 Writing an API: Exposing your MongoDB database to the application
7 Using your API from inside your application
8 Logging in users with Facebook and Twitter

Part 3: Adding a dynamic front-end with AngularJS

9 Doing cool stuff with data in the browser
10 Changing pages without reloading

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What’s the MEAP anyway?

The MEAP is Manning’s Early Access Program. This means that you get the book chapter by chapter as it is written, before getting a copy of the final version. You can also join the online forum and give give feedback and comments that can change the final book.