Book: Mongoose for Application Development

I’m very happy to announce that my book “Mongoose for Application Development” has been released! The book was commissioned by Packt Publishing, and was released »

Mongoose Connection best practice

There is often quite a lot of confusion about how best to set up a database connection with Mongoose. So I thought I’d clear it »

Node.js, Express and Mongoose

Previously we have used Node.js with Mongoose, and Express with hard coded data. Now it is time to bring it all together using Node.js, »

Introducing the Express.js framework for node.js

Up to this point in the Knowing Node series we have used node.js to create a server, built a rudimentary MVC framework, and served a »

Knowing Node source code files on GitHub

All of the source files for my Knowing Node series of tutorials on Node.js are now available on GitHub. You get can get them here: »