Book: Getting MEAN »

Announcing the early access release of my book “Getting MEAN, with Mongo, Express, Angular and Node”. Includes an exclusive discount code good for the duration of the early access program.


Book: Mongoose for Application Development »

Announcing my book “Mongoose for Application Development” – out now!


Mongoose Connection best practice »

This post takes a look at the best way to define, use and maintain a Mongoose database connection in a Node.js application


Node.js, Express and Mongoose »

Building on previous tutorials, this one brings together Node.js, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose. Here you will see how to create a reusable persistent connection and use Mongoose to retrieve MongoDB data, and Express to output it to screen.


Introducing the Express.js framework for node.js »

An introduction to Express, a web application framework for node.js. This tutorial covers installing Express globally, creating a template project, installing the dependencies and viewing the results in the browser.


Knowing Node source code files on GitHub »

All of the source files for my Knowing Node series of tutorials on Node.js are now available on GitHub.

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Mongoose and Node.js tutorial »

How to use Mongoose with Node.js and MongoDB. Based on the code of a previous example using the native drivers, this tutorial shows how to install Mongoose for Node.js, introduces the basic concepts, and converts the MongoDB Native Driver code into Mongoose code.


Node.js fundamentals: how to upgrade the Node.js version »

A quick tutorial showing you how to upgrade the version of Node.js running on your machine.


How to get data from MongoDB into Node.js »

Most tutorials and info on the web show how to get data from MongoDB using Node.js, but don’t cover what to do with it. Here I cover how to use the Node.js native driver to retrieve data from a MongoDB database, and how to use return it to a website in a useful and usable way.


How to create a MongoDB database »

Taking you through how to create a database in MongoDB, save some data to it and also return the data from. All in Ubuntu from the Mongo shell. It also covers some of the shifts in mindset needed when approaching from a “traditional” relational database.